UK Law Endorcement Priorities
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David Johnston
2021-04-05 17:30:29 UTC
2 years in prison
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In that there was a charge for each picture.
Why can't we have the actual press release rather than a picture of a
lead line?
They found one girl he was in communication with, but she at no point
met him for sex. He was arrested on bait the police provided.
I'm missing the bit in the press release as to why police targeted him
in the first place as there was no complaint.
They were doing that thing where cops catfish as teenagers online to see
who approaches them.
Lying about your travel itinerary to the Wuhan Flu police or traveling for
10 years in prison
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You are comparing an unusually low penalty for one crime to the
theoretical maximum for another.
I don't agree that the penalty was unusually low. Sounds about right
given that he was baited and there was no victim
I wouldn't go that far. I doubt that girl really appreciated getting a
skeezy old guy (from her perspective) dick pic. So yeah, I think there
was a victim.

and everything else
stems from having photographs on a computer. I'm sure the police are
patting themselves on the back for taking a man off the streets who
would have potentially kidnapped a girl for sex. It's just that there
are lots of unsolved cases with actual victims that police never seem to
prioritize, given that cases like these are so much easier to make.
The two of you are oddly in agreement.
Johnston, if you were actually interested in discussing government
restrictions on travel in what had been a relatively free society before
Boris became prime minister, maybe you can justify your own lack of a
horrified reaction that there is a legal (not theoretical) maximum
penalty on the books of up to 10 years.
<shrug> I'm a tough room. There ain't much that horrifies me. Do I
think that a 10 year sentence would be excessive? Sure. It's my
opinion that such an offense should be under a year. But just as that
guy has never quite physically molested a real girl, that sentence
hasn't actually been handed out to a real perpetrator and I doubt it
ever will be.
But I'm sure you are uninterested.
David Johnston
2021-04-05 17:37:42 UTC
That was a weird redirect.